California Assembly Bill (AB) 32 Goods Movement

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Goods Movement

The objective of this research is to consider, identify, and evaluate measures to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the goods movement sector that will: 1) help achieve the 2020 GHG emissions target; 2) be consistent with longer term (2050) changes needed in goods movement infrastructure, operating practices, and vehicles; and 3) maximize air quality co-benefits by 2020. In developing programs under this measure, California Air Resources Board (CARB) staff will investigate a full range of strategies, including innovative, incentive-based approaches. There will be a preference for measures that drive emission reductions throughout the goods movement system, rather than individual elements in the supply chain. University of California at Berkeley (UCB) researchers are investigating best practices for freight transport, developing information on the spatial distribution of heavy-duty vehicle GHG emissions, conducting lifecycle analyses of the different freight modes, and investigating logistics demand management strategies and policies that could either reduce goods movement demand or induce better logistics demand patterns. TSRC is leading the effort to develop a module for ecodriving in freight transportation.


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