Carsharing for Older Populations

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Mobility for Special Populations

The number of senior communities is on the rise in California and residents in these types of communities may have distinct travel patterns and needs. The primary objective of this study was to develop preliminary specifications for carsharing in Rossmoor Retirement Center in Walnut Creek, California, including a Rossmoor carsharing pilot program business model. Preliminary specifications included number of vehicles; number and possible location of charging stations; distance to access vehicles and/or valet services; car body, propulsion, speed, and other features; price and membership structure. A second objective was to inquire with participating households on their willingness to carpool and trip chain as part of this study. Data from in-depth household interviews with Rossmoor households regarding their daily travel and their interest in carsharing, types of carsharing fleet vehicles, carpooling, and trip chaining were used to inform this analysis.

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