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Innovative Mobility

Access from transit stations to employment and home locations can be a significant barrier to transit use in many urban regions, which is also commonly known as the “first and last mile” problem. The EasyConnect field test was introduced at the Pleasant Hill Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) District stations to evaluate the effectiveness of shared-use low-speed modes vehicles service at bridging the “last mile” from a transit station to the workplace. The project enabled businesses within a four mile radius of the Pleasant Hill BART station to rent shared-use bicycles, electric bicycles, and Segway Human Transporters (HTs) for their employees to use for commute and day-time travel. Approximately 15 companies and more than 34 employees signed up to participate in the project. The EasyConnect field trial is a partnership of the University of California, Berkeley; the California Department of Transportation; the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District; the Metropolitan Transportation Commission; the Bay Area Quality Management District, the Contra Costa Centre, Contra Costa County, 511 Contra Costa, Segway, Inc., and Giant Bicycles. The next phase of EasyConnect will be to combine the project at the Pleasant Hill BART station with other successful transportation technologies, such as the smart parking reservation services, real-time freeway and transit information signage, carsharing (short-term auto use), and power supplied by a hydrogen fuel cell to support a small electric vehicle and Segway HTs.

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