High Pressure Hydrogen Refueling Station

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TSRC, with the support of Toyota, has constructed and commissioned a high-pressure hydrogen refueling station near its office at the Richmond Field Station. The project was conceived with the intent of having a fully operational high-pressure (700 and 350 bar), fast-fill hydrogen refueling station to support fuel-cell vehicle research at TSRC. The station, offering a fueling capacity of about 25 kilograms per day (5-6 vehicle fills), was constructed in late 2010/early 2011 and became operational in May of 2011 as the first 700-bar hydrogen station in Northern California. It has operated for 30 continuous months as of late 2013 with approximately 95-97% station availability.  The station currently supports the TSRC fleet of 8-10 FCVs, along with providing support refueling and testing/research for the California Fuel Cell Partnership and other state agencies. The station is primarily maintained by TSRC staff and along with vehicle fueling is used for student learning and media and policymaker outreach/education opportunities. Along with Toyota, key project partners include the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Linde LLC, and Powertech Labs.

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