Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle and Infrastructure Analysis

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Advanced Vehicles and Fuels

TSRC is working with Toyota to assess the infrastructure needs for fuel cell vehicles and to analyze and test hydrogen vehicles and refueling stations. Eight Toyota Highlander fuel cell hybrid vehicles (FCHV-advs) have been delivered to TSRC for use in this project. Also associated with the project is the 700-bar fast-fill hydrogen station operated by TSRC in conjunction with Toyota and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, that has been in continuous operation since May 2011. Research topics include: 1) working with California state agencies to test "metrology" devices to accurately measure the amount of dispensed hydrogen at high pressure; 2) real-time information on the availability and status of the UC Berkeley hydrogen station using the California Fuel Cell Partnership Station Operating Status System (SOSS); 3) analysis of "smart" hydrogen refueling concepts aided by information technology to locate and assure hydrogen fuel availability; and 4) analysis of full fuel cycle energy efficiency associated with operating advanced high-pressure (10,000psi/70 MPa) hydrogen refueling systems.  This research is supported by Toyota and the Multi-Campus Research Programs and Initiatives program.


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