Innovative Corridors Initiative: Business Model Analysis

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Wed, 2007-02-21
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The Innovative Corridors Initiative (ICI) Business Model Analysis examines public-private partnerships designed to deploy intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technologies that can improve transportation system management and provide real-time  information to users. This study builds on the business models proposed by industry in response to the ICI Call for Submissions (CFS). In addition, case studies examine the business models that are developing between the private and public sectors for roadside rest stop wireless Internet access, vehicle infrastructure integration, and, Inc. Caltrans' current procedures for encroachment and procurement are reviewed briefly to identify possible areas of conflict that may need to be resolved prior to launching future CFS-style solicitations. Planning recommendations are provided to assist Caltrans with planning for future CFS-style solicitations, including considerations regarding goals, purpose and project partners, authority, and  post-demonstration relationships. Issues for Caltrans to consider pertaining to authority for CFS-style solicitations as well as the procurement of products that are demonstrated under these solicitations are highlighted.

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