Smart Truck Parking: Improved Parking Information and Reservations for Truckers

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Truck drivers are faced with a critical shortage in truck parking due to a dramatic growth in commercial vehicle truck travel on our nation’s roads. A fatigued driver that must drive to search for a parking place can become not only a roadway hazard but an environmental hazard because they generate unnecessary diesel emissions. In this project, sponsored by FHWA, TSRC is partnering with Caltrans to explore possible roles for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in alleviating the truck parking problem. The I-5 corridor in California will serve as a test bed for the use of ITS technologies to determine parking availability at participating truck stops. This information, as well as truck stop amenities and the opportunity to make a reservation, will be transmitted to commercial vehicle drivers. This suite of information may allow truckers to better plan and to operate more efficiently when they can by-pass a full truck stop and go directly to one that has space available. ParkingCarma and NAVTEQ are assisting TSRC with the parking availability, reservations, truck stop amenities, and routing. The information may be collected and disseminated through a variety of means including sensors, the Internet, mobile phones, changeable message signs, and radio.

Smart Truck Parking: Forecasting Parking Availability at Truck Stops

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