UC MRPI 2011 Ecodriving Workshop Report

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Thu, 2011-12-01
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This report describes the proceedings of the 2011 Ecodriving Workshop organized as part of the University of California Multi-Campus Research Program and Initiative (MRPI) project on Sustainable Transportation. The workshop was held on May 18, 2011 at the Claremont Hotel Club and Spa in Berkeley, California. Approximately 50 attendees participated in a plenary session with Director Patricia Hu from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, three panel sessions, and two breakout sessions.

Briefly, ecodriving consists of changing driving behavior to maximize the fuel economy of existing cars and trucks while minimizing carbon emissions. It is a modified way of driving that is best suited for modern engine technology, taking into account various driving conditions. Ecodriving can take on many forms, ranging from basic advice such as anticipating changes in traffic, smoother acceleration and braking, and proper vehicle maintenance, all the way to receiving real-time information on how to drive in current traffic conditions or what route to take.

The purpose of this workshop was to bring together experts in the fields of transportation, energy, policy, and programming from both the public and private sectors to critically evaluate the behavioral, technical, and policy issues associated with ecodriving. This research workshop facilitated this needed conversation, convening experts across North America to evaluate ecodriving╩╝s major issues and potential impacts.

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