Matthew Bomberg,

Graduate Student Researcher

Matt Bomberg arrived at the University of California, Berkeley and joined TSRC in August 2009.  He is a dual degree student in Transportation Engineering and the Goldman School of Public Policy.  Matt is working on lifecycle analysis of next-generation biofuels with TSRC.  His focus is on the energy and environmental impacts of cellulose-to-ethanol biorefineries, with a particular emphasis on optimizing the production process for both fuel and combined heat and power (CHP) production.

Prior to arriving at TSRC, Matt was an undergraduate at the University of Texas, Austin, where he worked on a variety of research projects including evaluating greenhouse gas abatement strategies from the transportation and electric power sectors for a National Academy of Sciences report, studying the impact of high gas prices on Austin residents after Hurricane Katrina, and developing a random utility based transportation-trade model for freight in the state of Texas.  Matt completed bachelor's degrees in Civil Engineering and the Plan II Honors program.  He has also worked with the Texas Transportation Institute assessing technology options for mileage-based user fees, and as a transportation planner with Dowling Associates, Inc in Oakland, CA.

In his free time, Matt enjoys cooking, hiking and camping, bike rides around the Bay Area, and traveling.  He has lived in Argentina and spent the summer of 2010 in Mumbai, India assisting the local government in transportation planning through a non-profit called EMBARQ.




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