Future of Mobility

In the Future of Mobility study, TSRC is researching trends that are predicted to impact the future of California’s transportation system. This research includes detailed synthesis of peer-reviewed literature, white papers, and media articles. Interview data from experts in the field supplement findings from the literature. To prepare for Caltrans’ California Transportation Plan (CTP) 2050 writing process, TSRC is tracking, analyzing, and synthesizing projections of transportation technology, business models, economics, demographics, equity, and health trends. These include emerging technologies and business models, such as shared, electric, connected, and automated vehicles. Trends that have already impacted transportation, such as bikesharing and Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), are also included. We focus specifically on these trends, their influence on transportation policy, infrastructure, and metrics, and their greater impacts on California’s greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. As innovative technologies and business models continue to disrupt California’s transportation sector, there will be a continued need for cooperation among the public and private sectors and other key stakeholers. Policy implications reflect the industry’s growing need for data sharing standardization and coordination across the state. By taking California’s geographic and economic heterogeneity into account, and organizing trends by their shorter- and longer-range impacts, the Future of Mobility White Paper will inform key stakeholders about converging aspects of this rapidly evolving space.




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