Personal Vehicle Sharing Services in North America

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Sat, 2012-08-04
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Over the past three decades, carsharing has grown from a collection of local grassroots organizations into a
worldwide industry. Traditional carsharing, though expanding, has a limited network of vehicles and loca-
tions. The next generation of shared-use vehicle services could overcome such expansion barriers as capital
costs and land use by incorporating new concepts like personal vehicle sharing.
Personal vehicle sharing provides short-term access to privately-owned vehicles. As of May 2012, there were
33 personal vehicle sharing operators worldwide, with 10 active or in pilot phase, three planned, and four
defunct in North America. Due to operator non-disclosure, personal vehicle sharing member numbers are
currently unknown. The authors investigated personal vehicle sharing in North America by conducting 34
expert interviews. This research explores the development of personal vehicle sharing including business
models, market opportunities, and service barriers to assess its early viability as a sustainable transportation
mode and to provide a foundation for future research on the topic. Personal vehicle sharing has the potential
to impact the transportation sector by increasing the availability and interconnectivity among modes and
providing greater alternatives to vehicle ownership in more geographic locations.

The full article can be found at: Research in Transportation Business & Management

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Karla J. Kingsley
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Shaheen, Susan, Mark Mallery, and Karly Kingsley (2012). “Personal Vehicle Sharing Services in North America,” Research in Transportation Business & Management, Vol. 3, pp.71-81.

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