An Integrated Hydrogen Vision for California

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Fri, 2004-07-09
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This paper concerns the economic and environmental challenges confronting California and the potential role for clean energy systems and hydrogen as an energy carrier in helping to address these challenges. Hydrogen in particular has recently gained great attention as part of a set of solutions to a variety of energy and environmental problems -- and based on this potential the current high level of interest is understandable. In our view, however, full realization of the benefits that hydrogen can offer will not be possible without a clear strategy for producing hydrogen from clean and sustainable sources and in a cost-effective manner. One of hydrogen’s greatest benefits – having a wide range of potential feedstocks for its production – also complicates the issue of how hydrogen use may be expanded and necessitates careful forethought as key technology paths unfold. We must remember that the additional cost and complexity of building a hydrogen infrastructure is only justified if significant benefits to society are in fact likely to accrue.

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Joan Ogden
Anthony Eggert
Peter Lehman
David Shearer,
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Lipman, Timothy, Dan Kammen, Joan Ogden, Daniel Sperling, Anthony Eggert, Peter Lehman, Susan Shaheen and David Shearer (2004). “An Integrated Hydrogen Vision for California.” 

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