Total Cost Analysis of Proton-Exchange Membrane and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems

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Energy and Infrastructure

TSRC is working with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Department of Mechanical Engineering on a multi-year study to develop a model of the "total costs of ownership" for proton-exchange membrane and solid oxide fuel cell systems in emerging applications.  The scope of the project includes multiple fuel cell technologies (low and high temperature PEM, solid-oxide fuel cells, several application areas (such as co-generation of power and heating and back-up power) at varying system capacities in kW as well as varying annual manufacturing volumes. The project is a multi-year research study funded by the US Department of Energy Office of Fuel Cell Technologies. Key aspects of the TSRC contributions to the project are: 1) defining functional and design specifications for the various systems; 2) developing fuel cell sub-system relationships and interconnections though development of design schematics; 3) identifying and costing for system "balance of plant" components; and 4) assisting with design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) analysis of system component costs by production volume.

Poster Presentation at the 2013 Fuel Cell Seminar

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