Advisory Board

Headshot of Bill Reinert.  Bill Reinert

National Manager in Charge of the Advanced Technology Group

Toyota Motor Sales

Headshot of Carol Csanda.  Carol Csanda

Director – Strategic Resources – Innovation at State Farm Insurance

Headshot of Damian Breen.  Damian Breen

Director of Strategic Incentives

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Headshot of Daniel Chatman.  Daniel Chatman, PhD

Assistant Professor

U.C. Berkeley Department of City & Regional Planning

Headshot of Gail Murray.  Gail Murray


Bay Area Rapid Transit

Headshot of Harry Voccola.  Harry Voccola

Senior Vice President, Government and Industry Relations


Headshot of Hiroshi Tsuda.  Hiroshi Tsuda

Executive Principal Engineer

Nissan Technical Center North America

Headshot of Jamie Levin.  Jamie Levin

Director of Alternative Fuels Policy and Marketing

AC Transit

Headshot of Jon Gustafson.  Jon Gustafson

Executive Vice President

Cascade Sierra Solutions

Headshot of Rajesh Paulose.  Rajesh Paulose

Senior Executive

Biofuel / Renewable Energy

Headshot of Randy Iwasaki.  Randy Iwasaki

Executive Director

Contra Costa Transportation Authority

Headshot of Randy Mullett.  Randy Mullett

Vice President, Government Relations and Public Affairs

Con-way Inc.

Headshot of Samer Madanat.  Samer Madanat, PhD

Director, U.C. Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies

Xenel Professor of Engineering

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Headshot of Scott Belcher.  Scott Belcher

President and CEO of ITS America

Headshot of Scott McCormick.  Scott McCormick


Connected Vehicle Trade Association