Faculty Affiliates

Headshot of Alexandre Bayen.  Alexandre Bayen, PhD

Associate Professor, Systems Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Candid photo of Carl Blumstein.  Carl Blumstein, PhD


California Institute for Energy and Environment

Headshot of Dan Kammen.  Dan Kammen, PhD

Director of Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL)

Professor, UC Berkeley

Headshot of Daniel Farber.  Daniel Farber, JD

Sho Sato Professor of Law

Director, Environmental Law Program

Faculty Director, Center for Law, Energy, and Environment

Headshot of Duncan Callaway.  Duncan Callaway, PhD

Assistant Professor

Energy & Resources Group

Headshot of Joan Walker.  Joan Walker, PhD

Associate Professor and Acting Director for Institute of Transportation Studies

Headshot of Michael O'Hare.  Michael O'Hare, PhD


Goldman School of Public Policy

A photo of Paul Waddell from the shoulders upward.  Paul Waddell, PhD

Department Chair


Department of City & Regional Planning

A headshot of Robert Cervero.  Robert Cervero, PhD

Professor, Department of City & Regional Planning


Institute of Urban & Regional Development

University of California Transportation Center

Headshot of Robert Harley.  Robert Harley, PhD


Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Headshot of Samer Madanat.  Samer Madanat, PhD

Director, U.C. Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies

Xenel Professor of Engineering

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Headshot of Tom Wenzel.  Tom Wenzel

Research Scientist

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Headshot of William Nazaroff.  William Nazaroff, PhD

Daniel Tellep Distinguished Professor

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering