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BMW expands ChargeForward incentive program to EV drivers in the contiguous United States

November 14, 2023

Red Electric Vehicle Being Charged

The UC Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center conducts an evaluation of the BMW USA ChargeForward program.

In order to further optimize the charging experience and help alleviate strain on local electrical grids, BMW USA announced it is expanding its ChargeForward incentive program to EV and PHEV drivers throughout the contiguous United States. The national expansion comes on the wings of the launch of BMW’s first all-electric 5 series, the i5.

Since 2016, BMW has been working alongside local energy companies to help implement, bolster, and maintain charging infrastructure amongst a booming EV landscape. Part of that process has included a unique charging incentive program called ChargeForward, which began with 2017 BEV and PHEV models like the i3.

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What opportunities do robo-taxis in San Francisco offer? Experts explain.

September 19, 2023

Susan Shaheen

Susan Shaheen, co-director of UC Berkeley's Transportation Sustainability Research Center, discusses automated vehicles with the College of Computing, Data Science, and Society.

Hundreds of self-driving cars have flooded San Francisco streets following a recent state decision that allowed certain ‘robo-taxis’ to operate 24 hours a day and to charge passengers.

This new reality could provide data that helps vet decades of theory about autonomous vehicles and how they fit into society, UC Berkeley academics said. This moment also offers an opportunity to reimagine what accessibility and equality looks like in transportation.

“Technology has the potential to provide powerful strategies to address a number of societal issues. However, advanced technology also has the ability to divide,” said Susan Shaheen, co-director of UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center and a civil and environmental engineering professor. “That's something we really need to be conscious of as we move forward.”

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