Innovative Mobility Carsharing Outlook – Fall 2014


Two large all electric carsharing programs will be launching in Las Vegas, Nevada and Indianapolis, Indiana in 2014-2015.

In Las Vegas, SHIFT carsharing will be launching in late-2014. SHIFT will feature two services “CoreDrive” and “CityDrive.” CoreDrive will feature a fleet of Smart and Chevrolet Volt electric vehicles designed for short trips within downtown Las Vegas. CityDrive will feature longer-range Tesla Model S vehicles intended for longer trips around the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area. SHIFT members will also have access to a trolley service and SHIFT bikesharing. Both CoreDrive and CityDrive will feature one-way and round-trip service options. SHIFT will also be featuring a valet service that picks up a reserved vehicle, drives the member, and returns the vehicle on the member’s behalf. The service will be based on valet credits that are redeemable for a one-way valet trip. The number of valet credits required will vary based on the user's origin and destination. The number of complimentary valet credits issued to a member varies based on the user's membership level. 

Susan Shaheen, PhD and Adam Cohen
Publication date: 
November 11, 2014
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