New Mobility: Using Technology and Partnerships To Create More Efficient, Equitable, and Environmentally Sound Transportation


Land development and personal vehicle travel continue to outpace population growth. Efforts to manage this growth and the adverse impacts associated with it have been mostly ineffective. Promising technology solutions include telecommunications (telecommuting, electronic commerce, teleconferencing); small personal vehicles (electric bikes and neighborhood vehicles); and new “smart” transport modes (carsharing, “smart” paratransit). These technology-based options have the potential to be environmentally and economically superior to today’s car-dominated system. Yet each has its drawbacks and none have flourished. Single-occupant vehicles continue to provide unparalleled versatility, privacy, comfort, and convenience.

Deborah Salon, Daniel Sperling, Susan Shaheen, PhD, and Daniel Sturges
Publication date: 
November 2, 1998
Publication type: 
Journal Article