Travel Behavior

Public Transit and Shared Mobility COVID-19 Recovery: Policy Recommendations and Research Needs

Susan Shaheen, Stephen Wong

While the COVID-19 crisis has devastated many public transit and shared mobility services, it has also exposed underlying issues in how these services are provided to society. As ridership drops and revenues decline, many public and private providers may respond by cutting service or reducing vehicle maintenance to save costs. As a result, those who depend on public transit and shared mobility services, particularly those without access to private automobiles, will experience further loss of their mobility. These transportation shifts will be further influenced by changing work-from-...

California Transportation Plan 2050: Northern and Southern California Visioning Sessions Findings

Susan Shaheen, PhD
Hannah Totte
Adam Cohen

Improving California’s transportation system requires cross-sector collaboration, particularly as technologies, policies, and regulations develop simultaneously. The California Transportation Plan (CTP) 2050 aims to integrate perspectives a diverse array of stakeholder perspectives that may not typically participate in the statewide planning process. The Visioning Sessions facilitated two day-long visioning workshops in October 2018 in Southern and Northern California. Overall, these visioning sessions initiated a much-needed dialogue among experts and practitioners from diverse...

Future of Work: Scenario Planning for COVID-19 Recovery

Alexandra Pan, Susan Shaheen

The COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread lockdowns across the world in early 2020, with major implications to spatial and temporal commuting patterns as a result of increased work from home (also known as telework) activities. There has been a high degree of uncertainty on what work from home impacts will persist in the future. In this report, we first conduct a thorough review of news articles, published reports, and peer-reviewed literature to summarize telework trends. We also use scenario planning to bring together ten experts from academia, public sector, industry, and commercial...

Understanding Travel Behavior: Research Scan

Elliot Martin, Susan Shaheen, and Ismail Zohdy

This report presents a research scan of the state of knowledge in transportation to enhance understanding of travel behavior and various influencing factors on future travel. It provides an overview of the current state of travel behavior as measured today, as well as background on the current understanding from literature in travel behavior research. It also explores what is known about the socio-demographic portrait of Americans and how demographics influence travel behavior. The report discusses emerging information technology and its impact on new mobility options. It also presents...

Understanding How Cities Can Link Smart Mobility Priorities Through Data

Susan Shaheen, PhD
Elliot Martin, PhD
Mikaela Hoffman-Stapleton
Peter Slowik

This white paper presents a generalized evaluation framework that can be used for assessing project impacts within the context of transportation-related city projects. In support of this framework, we discuss a selection of metrics and data sources that are needed to evaluate the performance of smart city innovations. We first present a collection of projects and applications from near-term smart city concepts or actual pilot projects underway (i.e., Smart City Challenge, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Mobility on Demand (MOD) Sandbox, and other pilot projects operating in the...

Future of Mobility White Paper

Susan Shaheen, PhD, Hannah Totte, and Adam Stocker

Transportation is arguably experiencing its most transformative revolution since the introduction of the automobile. Concerns over climate change and equity are converging with dramatic technological advances. Although these changes – including shared mobility and automation – are rapidly altering the mobility landscape, predictions about the future of transportation are complex, nuanced, and widely debated. California is required by law to renew the California Transportation Plan (CTP), updating its models and policy considerations to reflect industry changes every five years. This...