Shared Mobility

Shared Mobility: Definitions, Industry Developments, and Early Understanding

Susan Shaheen, Nelson Chan, Apaar Bansal, and Adam Cohen

Shared mobility – the shared use of a vehicle, bicycle, or other mode – is an innovative transportation strategy that enables users to gain short-term access to transportation modes on an “as-needed” basis. The term shared mobilityincludes various forms of carsharing, bikesharing, ridesharing (carpooling and vanpooling), and on-demand ride services. It can also include alternative transit services, such as paratransit, shuttles, and private transit services, called microtransit, which can supplement fixed-route bus and rail services. With many new options for mobility emerging, so...

Shared Mobility: Current Practices and Guiding Principles

Susan Shaheen, PhD and Adam Cohen

This primer provides an introduction and background to shared mobility; discusses the government’s role; reviews success stories; examines challenges, lessons learned, and proposed solutions; and concludes with guiding principles for public agencies. The primer provides an overview of current practices in this emerging field, and it also looks toward the future in the evolution and development of shared mobility.

Multimobility and Sharing Economy: Shaping the Future Market Through Policy and Research

Susan Shaheen, Adam Stocker, Abhinav Bhattacharyya

TRB’s E-Circular 210: Multimobility and Sharing Economy: Shaping the Future Market Through Policy and Research Multimodal explores the results of a workshop that focused on new developments in the shared-mobility sphere, the use of smartphones in pushing the goal of shared mobility forward, and on rural and suburban mobility problems. It also raised the issue of equity for paratransit options in relation to innovative transportation modes and touched on strategies that could foster an environment of increased inclusion. Automated vehicles also were considered at the workshop, namely...

Chapter 13 - Sharing strategies: carsharing, shared micromobility (bikesharing and scooter sharing), transportation network companies, microtransit, and other innovative mobility modes

Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam Cohen, Nelson Chan, and Apaar Bansal

Shared mobility—the shared use of a vehicle, bicycle, or other mode—is an innovative transportation strategy that enables users to gain short-term access to transportation modes on an “as-needed” basis. It includes various forms of carsharing, bikesharing, scooter sharing, ridesharing (carpooling and vanpooling), transportation network companies (TNCs), and microtransit. Included in this ecosystem are smartphone “apps” that aggregate and optimize these mobility options, as well as “courier network services” that provide last mile package and food delivery. This chapter describes...

Shared Mobility Policy and Modeling Workshop

Susan Shaheen, PhD; Adam Cohen; and Emily Farrar

The market for personal mobility is changing rapidly due to shifting social and cultural trends, as well as technological advances, such as smartphones, information processing, widespread dataconnectivity, sharing, and vehicle automation. Shared, ondemand mobility represents asustainable vision for future mobility with a reliable network of multimodal options that areavailable to all travelers. On March 22, 2019, the Local Government Commission (LGC) and...

Mobility and Development: Innovations, Policies and Practices

Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam Cohen

Innovative and emerging transportation services, such as shared mobility, MOD, and MaaS, are expanding across the developing world. MOD emphasizes the commodification of passenger mobility and goods delivery and transportation systems management, whereas MaaS primarily focuses on passenger mobility aggregation and subscription services. The public sector can support and leverage MOD and MaaS through a variety of service, information, fare integration, and data sharing partnerships. In particular, the growth of “super” apps in Africa and Asia are offering consumers all-in-one mobile...

Are robotaxis good for the climate?

November 29, 2023

Waymo robotaxi

Susan Shaheen, UC Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director discusses shared automated vehicles with Polictico.

“If you could get more people sharing a car, when you start to look at the vehicle miles traveled and the greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant impacts, they’re likely going to be lower,” said Susan Shaheen, a California Air Resources Board member and...

Transportation Research Board's Transportation Explorers Podcast

January 19, 2021

Transportation Research Board Logo

Susan Shaheen, the co-director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center, discusses her latest study, Future of Public Transit and Shared Mobility Scenario Planning for COVID 19 Recovery.

Listen to the full podcast...

Key Takeaways from 2019 U.S. Workshop: Mobility on Demand, Automation, and Equity

August 29, 2019

Two people on public transit

The market for personal mobility is changing rapidly due to shifting demographics and social trends, as well as technological advances such as: smartphones, information processing, and widespread data connectivity. Over the past year, we have been writing about Mobility on Demand (MOD): an innovative transportation concept evolving around...

'I'm Back to Riding My Own Bike.' Higher Prices Threaten Silicon Valley’s Mobility Revolution

August 9, 2019

Red bike with brand label "JUMP"

When JUMP’s bright red bikes started appearing on the streets of San Francisco last year, Ian Chesal was relieved. His lengthy commute, from the hills of Oakland to his tech company’s San Francisco office, involved driving to the subway, sitting for 40 minutes, and then walking a mile to his office. Once the JUMP bikes appeared, he could use his phone to unlock one outside his subway stop, and ride it...